Undeep Thoughts -- Eavesdropping

I'm on a diet. And since I don't shop, I'm sitting at one of my favorite Italian restaurants where the head waiter greets me with a double-cheek kiss, and I return the sentiment by nodding politely when I can't understand a single word he says. No matter though. I'm here waiting for someone else to throw arugula in a bowl and make it taste better than when I throw it in a bowl. Don't ask me to explain it.
It just is.
So while I wait, I'm eavesdropping on these two dude's conversation about Bill Gates and the news that he's on track to become the "world's first trillionaire" and is complaining because can't gift away enough of his money. PS, they're tipsy, and asking Siri stupid questions ("hey Siri, what channel is the Yankee game on?" like that kinda stupid) while trying to flirt with the young bartender. She's nice enough - or perhaps smart enough- to let them believe (briefly) that they are as hilarious as they think they are. Let's just say she knows where her tip cup is, and as a woman who paved those footsteps ahead of her, I have her back. She knows it too, in a, "we have an unspoken secret handshake, don't we?" kind of way.
We do.
Anyway, back to Bill Gates. I'm thinking, (1) not being able to gift a sufficient amount of moolah away is not a bad "problem" to have, and (b) I can give him some ideas if he needs help.💃🏻
Hashtag - I should probably learn to grocery shop.
Double hashtag - nah.