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Forever Wrong!

by Law B. Itch
I am not, nor have I ever been, a sweat-pant kind of gal. Only if I am going to, or coming from the gym, would I ever be caught in public willfully wearing bulky sweatshirt material on my ass. In fact, I don’t even like wearing sweat-pants while sweating. If I could figure out a way to safely run on the treadmill in a pair of five-inch heels and a pencil skirt, I would.

Yes, yes, of course it's vanity! My silhouette doesn’t appreciate being swaddled in twenty-four ply, preshrunk cotton. Actually, only college kids and pillows can pull off looking good in any fabric built solely for comfort. I have a genetic aversion to padding any of my body parts with spongy, lump hugging, shapeless reams of fleece that cling to my hips courtesy of that gummy synthetic stuff more commonly known as elastic. It’s just not sexy. Give me stiff, crotch-pinching denim with contrasting double stitching and buttons disguised as snaps any day! Besides, tight jeans are an integral part of …