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“Food-on-Food” Frenzy

A personal message from Law B. Itch: “Folks, I realize that the following installment of Law B. Itch’s blog isn’t exactly “law” related (although there have been some laws passed recently that do attempt to protect those of us who eat, such as the “no trans fat in NYC” regulation). But sometimes, things happen that just chap my ass. This is one of those times…enjoy!”

Make no mistake, I love food. Actually, I’m obligated to love food, lest I want to be bound by my hands and feet and force-fed fried meatballs until Aunt Chickie downs another juice-glass of Chianti, and decides I’ve consumed a sufficient amount of cow. Yes, I’m Italian.

Yet, despite the fact that pan-drippings and tomato paste are part of my DNA, I feel compelled to take a stand against a recent food phenomenon. As far as I can tell, it began with the creative geniuses at Taco Bell who one day decided, “Hey, why bother creating a whole new, ninety-nine cent food item, when we can just combine two greasy tortilla-wrapped…