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First Rule of "Hate" Club

When you put yourself “out there” in any capacity – be it in business, politics, or your own beautifully unique personality – you will undoubtedly acquire both “fans” and “foes”.
When I say “fans”, I don’t mean people who pass out when you pick up a guitar. I describe “fans” as friendly voices who enjoy what you say and do most of the time, or at least have a respect for what you do and how you do it.Fans include those who will participate in the conversation and, while they needn’t agree with you 100% of the time, when they do challenge you, they do so in a respectful, intelligent and/or playful way.
A foe, on the other hand, is not that. Foes are invariably insecure about some aspect of themselves, and therefore wear their jealousy in the form of hateful, spiteful commentary, and/or general assholery.You know who I’m talking about.Foes will make every effort to get a leg up by knocking you down and using your head as stepstool.
I speak from experience when I say, fans are a lot mor…