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Hush-A-Buy Harlot

I’m an astute observationist of all things controversial. Not only can I spot disputation a mile away, but I actually comb the aisles for it, shove it in my bag, and pull it out whenever life’s banter becomes too sedate.

It’s my small way of splashing cold water in the faces of those polite chatterers who choose to duck from the intellectual stimulation that rides on the backs of prickly subjects. Hey, somebody’s got to do it. Besides, I can only listen to little Timmy’s game-winning homerun story so many times before I am urged to grab the first pair of defibrillation paddles I can find, and use them on myself.

The topic of cheating is always a crowd pleaser. And since Tiger’s story still has plenty of legal squish (my term, meaning legal thrust or kick) to go around, I figured we should stay here for a while, or at least until something knocks him off the bulls-eye like a well-thrown bocce ball at my Uncle Genie’s 70th birthday party.

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger’s original mistress whose ill…